Corde Africa

We believe in offering only the best products to our clients.

About Corde Africa

The business was started in March 2013 by Errol and Debby Cornelius to restore the culture of excellent service and "going the extra mile" for our customers.

Between us, we have over 50 years of experience in the pumping and related industries. We believe in customer service and this is ingrained into all of our staff.

Our motto is: “The customer is not always right, BUT HE IS KING.”


We have evolved over the last decade from a scattered focus, to concentrating wholly on one, superior product, EVAK submersible pumps, to allow us to provide unprecedented focus and service to our valuable partners.

This laser- like focus allows us to understand, support and grow both our own and our customers businesses by offering superior stock availability, a comprehensive spare parts inventory, and marketing tools to support the Brand.

When purchasing an EVAK pump, you are not only receiving a high quality product, but the sales and support infrastructure that goes with it, including access to spare parts, accredited repair infrastructure, and technical expertise, giving you the peace of mind to focus on your business, not your supplier’s problems.